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(left to right)  Rabbi Emeritus Hyman Levine, Cantor Victor Wortman, Rabbi Shlomo Blickstein



Rabbi Shlomo Blickstein, Ph.D.
Bay Terrace Jewish Center
1300 209th Street
Bayside, NY 11360-1198
(718) 428-6363
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dear Neighbor,


We are pleased to welcome you as a member of our community and hope that we will be a source of fulfillment for your spiritual, cultural, and social needs. Historically, the synagogue has been the single most important force in the continuation of our people and in the preservation of a glorious 4000 year spiritual heritage that began with Abraham and Sarah. The Bay Terrace Jewish Center is proud to be a part of this great legacy since its founding fifty years ago. We invite Jews of every persuasion, regardless of level of observance or religious background, to be part of this great legacy and affiliate with our synagogue community.


With warmest wishes of Shalom,
Rabbi Shlomo Blickstein



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